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PE \ PF 06 \ 07 SANDSUN precision pneumatic pump

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PE \ PF 06 \ 07 SANDSUN precision pneumatic pump

Yamada Shun A07 PB08, PA09, PC12
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PA10, PA08, PA08, PA09, PA10, PA12, PA14, Dongyong source Supply SANDSUN original authentic: PA16, PC09, PC10, East Yongyuan professional supply: PC12, PC14 PE06, PF06, PF07, PF08, Dongyong source agent distribution: PE06 SN, PE07-PRS-0/1/2-NO, PE06, PC20, PC20, PC04, SV04, SV10, Dongyongyuan professional agent distribution SANDSUN air pump: \ 07-PS (not listed, please contact us!)
SANDSUN overload protection device role:
1. Installed on the punch to check the super hydraulic pressure inside the slide cylinder.
2. When the overload condition occurs, the hydraulic pressure can be quickly discharged within three thousandths of a second.
3. When an overload occurs, the microswitch generates an electrical signal to inform the punch of an emergency stop operation to protect the punch and die.
4 After the overload occurs, the oil is pumped by the air to quickly fill the normal working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder so that the punch can be operated normally.
5. Overload protection device with constant pressure inside the control valve, can automatically adjust the oil pressure, can eliminate the punch in the stamping process, due to rising oil temperature when the pressure rise caused by the impact.
6. Taiwan SANDSUN Yamada hydraulic overload pump is mainly used for overload protection of the punch. Its characteristics of sensitive, fast discharge speed, flow, overload can promptly notify the punch to stop working to protect the punch and die die life.






The figure shows: PE \ PF 06 \ 07 SANDSUN Seam Pneumatic Oil Pump 01







The figure shows: PE \ PF 06 \ 07 SANDSUN Seiki Pneumatic Pump 02





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