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OLP20-L SHOWA overload pump

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OLP20-L SHOWA overload pump

Showa overload A05
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Buy Yangli, Guangdong forging punch overload pump, Showa and other imported punch accessories! Of course, choose a professional maintenance of imports of the East Wing punch machine! Original authentic! Quality assurance! SHOWA punch overload apparatus: OLP8-H-L, OLP8-L-R, OLP20-H, DONGYOYUAN, OLP20-L, OLP8S-H-L, OLP8S-L-R, DONGYOYUAN, OLP12S-H-L, OLP12S-L-R.





Shown: OLP20-L Showa pump overload - Overload protection devices 01







Shown: OLP20-L Showa pump overload - Overload protection devices 02









Success is no accident get! Quality is the inevitable choice! Eleven imported punch accessories? East Wing preferred source is your peace of mind! Choose a professional to choose the best imported punch accessories supplier quality assurance
Dong Yong-Yuan Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in importing punch parts: the Japanese original TACO double electric valve (coil sold separately) MVS-3512YCG, MVS-3514YCG, ROSS double solenoid (coil sold separately) J3573B4893, East Wing source shelf SEYI punch SEYI clutch safety valve ROSS double valve: J3573B4735, J3573B5260, J3573A8161, DONGYOYUAN, J3573B5258 \ J3573B5257, J3573A4893, ROSS single solenoid valve J2773B3001, J2773B5001, J2771B4001, MAC solenoid valve, ROSS double valve muffler: D5500A6003, D5500A5003,937K87, East Wing Fung Hing TOYOOKI source spot for solenoid valve AD-SL231D-304D, 406D, 508D, TECO ratio control JVTMBS-R400JK001, Taiwan Yu Jie (YU JAIV) PDH45, PDH120-SL-1/2, PDH -100, PDH-180, PDH-190-FR / Japan WAKO MTS-45, MTS-1300 mold height indicator, DONGYOYUAN Fujitsu punch with both hands operation button AR30 B2R-11G and rubber protective sleeve / stop button AH30 VIR11-0092 TECO / Delta converter, electronic counter punch, punch with a special multi-stage switch key RC310-1M4201J2, East yuan VS speed motor, bulk spot Japanese IHI SK-505 electric yellow pumps, (East Wing mechanical source distribution agents) Taiwan vibration Rong CHEN YING KSB-30, KSC-30, the electric yellow oil pump / manual yellow pumps CLHA-20 / pump CLA-8, East Wing source shelf Haven, Feng Yu and other dry-clutch press brakes / Pads, wet punch clutch brake / can be customized special specifications dry and wet friction plate, Japan AIDA punch special overload pump, pump overload Kenyue Ya Taiwan KING AIR LS-257, LS-507, LS-258S, LS-508, BP -49 (Kenyue Ya detecting, sensor / pressure switch LP-20, YONGCYUAN pump 08S-320,10S-320, DONGYOYUAN quick die change system means Ott force KAN-TOU OL-08A, PF-08 (micro switch LS-2) / Yamada Shun overload pump SANDSUN quick mold clamping device and so the whole brand products: VA / VS08H-760, VS10A-760, VA12-720, DONGYOYUAN, VS08-760, VS12H-760, PE06, DONGYOYUAN, PA06, PA07, East Wing source Machinery Co., Ltd. professional agent original SANDSUN Seiki company's quick die change system pumping unit and pump PA08, PA09, PA10, DONGYOYUAN, PA12, PA14, PA16, PC09, East Wing source professional supply Shenglong, vibration force of pneumatic presses with SANDSUN pumps: PC10, PC12, PC16, PC18, DONGYOYUAN, PC20, PC22, SV04, SV10, DONGYOYUAN, PE08, PF06, PF07, PF08, PF07-PRS-2/1 / 0 (SANDSUN pressure / sensor switch ST-P40, ST-P03, AT11-2-IS), the East Wing source of mechanical shelf PH-1071-HA, Japan KOSMEK PL1071-HA, PH1661-SG, PW1671-SZ, PH1061-SG (micro switch Moeller LS-11DA) / PASCAL HPH6308 overload pump, (East Wing mechanical source distribution agents) Showa SHOWA pump OLP08S-HR, OLP12S, OLP16, OLP20 (pressure switch Honeywell ZLDC04B IP67) Japan / Taiwan original punch overload protection device (punch pneumatic pump breakdown maintenance), East Wing source of mechanical clutch universal rotary joint (universal joint), the clutch wheel cylinder / rear / body, ball screw / rod, dry clutch spring seat / (Japan TOHATSU Tohatsu ) spring, domestic / Japan / Taiwan, Yang Li / East Jonway / New Haven / s easy SEYI speed presses balance airbag YOKOHAMA (formerly Springride gas spring), (East Wing source machinery agent distribution) high-speed presses clamping hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, imported punch private: round copper pots / pans rod / bowl / copper sleeve / connecting rod bearing / crankshaft / front support / drive shaft / gear, all imports of seal (SKY) (circle), East Wing source punch dedicated timer / relay / indicator / multi-stage switch, AIDA overload pump accessories CKD MM -08F / 4F111-MM-08 valve, ROSS double solenoid valve source of mechanical East Wing spot, optical reflectors, electrical box / optical shockproof (feet) screws , a variety of material blown solenoid valve TACO MVS-2203M-17,358-601-POOO, link oil level gauge / oil level gauge, East Wing original source of mechanical Engineering co 26mm slide easily punch \ punch, 32mm gear box oil mirror, buttons rubber protective cover, ear plate dry clutch / shaft pin sets, clutch assembly, and another: the robot with suction cup holder \ gold set, factory direct supplier prices have obvious advantages!






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