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PH-1060-SG KOSMEK Jinfeng punch slider protection oil pump

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PH-1060-SG KOSMEK Jinfeng punch slider protection oil pump

KOSMEK Overload Pump A02 PL-1071
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Japan original KOSMEK pump, punch pneumatic pump, punch overload pump! Election professional import hardware pneumatic punch repair East Wing source, quality assurance! Japan KOSMEK pump model is complete: from 60 tons of 60 tons, 80 tons, 110 tons, 160 tons, 250 tons, 300 tons, 400 tons, 800 tons, 1000 tons of C-type punch to 2000 large-scale punch are suitable for the specifications select. With a small size, high flow, fast response, high precision and other advantages; won the praise from all walks of life. As the product quality and stability, but also access to the major presses in Asia continue to use the factory; the current annual sales have reached more than 4,000 and continue to increase. In response to the needs of users more developed to prevent eccentric load models; and has been adopted by the majority of manufacturers.




The figure shows: PH-1060-SG & nbsp; KOSMEK Jinfeng punch slider protection oil pump 01






The original models are: PL-1070-SG, PL1071-HA (PL0872-A), DONGYOYUAN, PH-1051-SG, AH-71-HA, the east of the original model of the KOSMEK pump imported from Japan Yongyuan Machinery Co., PH-1071-SG, DONGYOYUAN, PH-1071-SG, PH-1061-SG, DONGYOYUAN, 1630-SG, PW1671-SZ 300K, the East Yongyuan mechanical agent distribution KOSMEK punch overload pump: PH-1661-SG, PH1661HA, DONGYOYUAN, PL-1660-SE, PH1671-HA, East Yongyuan professional supply KOSMEK quick mold system pump: AB-5000-0, AB-7000-0, DONGYOYUAN, AB8000-0, AC-7000-1, more models are not listed can call Advisory!
Punch overload protection oil pump \ device role:
1. Installed on the punch to check the super hydraulic pressure inside the slide cylinder.
2. When the overload condition occurs, the hydraulic pressure can be quickly discharged within three thousandths of a second.
3. When an overload occurs, the microswitch generates an electrical signal to inform the punch of an emergency stop operation to protect the punch and die.
4. After the overload, the air-driven hydraulic pump, quickly make up the normal working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder, so that the punch can immediately normal operation.
5. Overload protection device with constant pressure inside the control valve, can automatically adjust the oil pressure, can eliminate the punch in the stamping process, due to rising oil temperature when the pressure rise caused by the impact. East Yongyuan machinery professional agent distribution: domestic, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, (Bo letter, Thai VTech, Ou Tai, Omar, Bolon, Misk, Yang Li, Wu forging, wide forging, Shanghai two forging, , Ward, Yang Li, the East Wing source, Ou Tai, Omar, Boren, Misk, Shuoer, Vodder, Germany Wo, Haohui, deep forging, Sanhao, Thai VTech, far Branch, Thailand, forging, Jinfeng, Xie Yi, Feng Yu, Dongtai, Ying Yu, Li Xing Chen, to the rich, KAOME, SHAOA, PASCAL, AIDA, FORWELL, KINGAIR, SANDSUN, YONGCYUAN, KANTOU, AUTOPOWER, HUAYHONG, etc., not listed in the brand model, please contact us!


East Wing source company mainly engaged in:
1: Japan, Taiwan, domestic pneumatic press repair, overhaul, small maintenance, large maintenance, renovation painting.
2: Stamping automation series peripheral equipment sales
3: Japan's Toyo brand, Taiwan's generals and other tapping machine accessories sales
4: new machine sales, two mobile phone trading
5: sales fast mold changing system: Taiwan FORWELL, DONGYOYUAN, KING AIR, SANDSUN, YONGCYUAN, Japan PASCAL, KOSMEK, SHOWA, etc.
6: the brand punch original parts sales: service brand models: Japan: AIDA, AMADA, KOMATSU, WASINO, DOBBY, etc., Taiwan: Jinfeng, Association, Dongtai, Li Xing Chen, East Wing, Xingtai, Ying Yu, Feng Yu, vibration and other domestic: Bo letter, Thai VTech, Ou Tai, Omar, Boren, Misi Ke, Seoul Seoul, Yang Li, Wu forging, wide forging, Shanghai forging, Germany and so on.
East Wing source machinery professional accessories sales:
1: clutch brake pads / friction plate: (Japan, Taiwan, China and other punch dry, wet dry clutch brake pads)
2: double solenoid valve: (Japan TACO / AZBIL, TOKOOKI, the United States ROSS, MAC, etc.)
3: overload pump: (Japan KOSMEK, Japan SHOWA, Japan PASCAL, Taiwan Ken Yue Asia, East Wing source, Ott force, Kanto, Yamada Shun, etc.)
4: photoelectric security protection device: (Japanese research, bamboo, Komori, Korea Association, domestic Keli, Ryan, etc., reflective board / film)
5: Lubrication system: Japan original IHI-SK505 electric butter pump, Japan IHI butter distribution valve (U-4, U-6, U-8, U-10, U-12), Taiwan Zhenrong electric butter pump KSB (CLC-20, YGL-T08; LSG-05; HP-5L), KSB-35 (1000cc), KSB-40 (800cc), KSB-50 (2000cc) ; Hand oiler (YM-8; Y-8).
6: worm, crankshaft copper tile, crankshaft, ball screw, ball bowl, overload cylinder, JZD series of shock feet, etc.
7: all kinds of buttons: (Japan Fuji operation button, Fuji emergency stop button, Fuji multi-section switch, Fuji all kinds of buttons, Fuji bulk button rubber protective cover, punch electronic counter, Taiwan Yu Jie (YU JAIV) PDH45, PDH120, Japan WAKO SEIKI , Mold high indicator, etc.)
8: electronic control system: (Japan, Taiwan PLC maintenance, replacement, Taiwan TECO motor, Taiwan East yuan speed control, Japan OMRON micro switch, OMRON relay, rotary encoder, decoder, coupling, etc.)
9: Punch Clutch brake assembly (cylinder, piston, body, guide pin, guide sleeve, seal, clutch pressure plate, brake pressure plate, rotary air seal, clutch air pressure control switch, Yokohama, Japan YOKOHAMA airbag, Wait)

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